A dedicated centre for astronomy 

We do astronomy at Astrofarm! Perhaps not a surprise with a name like that but do you know just how much astronomy we do? 

Whilst we do have a residential centre designed to meet the accommodation needs of the astronomer for a wonderful astronomy holiday, we are not just a holiday centre - we have so much astronomy going on at Astrofarm! 

Activities at Astrofarm

Here at Astrofarm we always have something going on! As well as all the events in the astronomical calendar, we have a wide range of courses, evening activities, special events and outreach. 


We deliver a variety of astronomy courses including complete beginner astronomy and astro-photography and in addition, digital photography and technology for the terrified! All our courses are for those with no prior experience and no specialist equipment is needed. 

Evening Stargazing

Astrofarm astronomy centre is open to the public in the evenings by prior arrangement. You can come up and enjoy a 3 hour guided stargaze for beginners for €20 per person.

You can bring your own telescope or use the observatory with your own camera or our equipment and enjoy our fantastic night skies and drink as much tea, coffee and hot chocolate as you like from just €15!

Telescope Workshop

Have you got a telescope in the loft or out in the barn gathering dust? Bought as a gift to enjoy our amazing night skies but too complicated to use? Bring it to Astrofarm for a Telescope Workshop evening and find out how telescopes work, how to set it up, and enjoy an evening observing – for just €20 per telescope and astronomer. Add an additional adult per telescope for just €5.

Workshops are held throughout the year with a maximum of 5 telescopes. Please email to let us know you are interested and we will let you know upcoming dates. 

Telescope Surgery

Do you have an old telescope needing some loving care and attention? Bring it to Andrew at Astrofarm for clean, minor repairs and set up so you can get out and enjoy our wonderful night skies for just €30 (plus any extra parts). We will always quote for extra work before carrying it out and advise whether it is worth any extra spend. Should you decide to upgrade, Andrew will advise as to your best buy.


Events and Outreach

Throughout the year we will be holding special events at Astrofarm, for example, the Supermoon Specials, our 'Messier Marathon Weekend',  'Les Nuits des Etoiles' and Le Jour de la Nuit which will be open to everyone. Summer will bring evenings of myths and legends - storytelling around the fire followed by a night of observing. Keep an eye on our social media pages for what is coming up and also here, on our events page. 

Learning Centre

We have a well stocked library with additional resources and plenty of information along with astro jigsaws, films, games and magazines. We have lots and lots of help, guidance and advice from buying a telescope to finding your way round the night sky to taking a wonderful astro image. In addition, have a look at our extensive list of links to a wide range of web resources, information and contacts here for extra help and guidance.  

Astronomy Centre

  • Purpose built observatory
  • Computers & software
  • Viewing platform
  • Choice of telescopes
  • Variety of mounts
  • Binoculars
  • Tripods

Courses and events

  • Beginner Astronomy course
  • Beginner astro-photography
  • Evening observing
  • Telescope workshops
  • Telescope surgery
  • Astronomy events
  • Outreach

Astronomy Holidays

  • Flexible accommodation
  • Daytime sleeping
  • Toiletries and towels
  • Lounge, kitchen and dining room
  • Outdoor patios
  • Evening meal option
  • Terrific value
Astronomy centre observatory
Astronomy centre telescopes
Astronomy centre Andromeda