The Messier Marathon Challenge – what you need to know

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Charles Messier Charles Messier was a French Astronomer who worked at the Marine Observatory at the Hotel de Cluny in Paris. His main objective was the discovery of comets. His work led to him compiling a catalogue of deep sky objects known today as the ‘Messier Catalogue of nebulae and star clusters’. Messier married at the age of 40, his wife and son died during childbirth two years later. He never remarried and committed the rest of his life to astronomy, … Read More

Solstice myths and legends

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  Myths and legends Since the earliest civilisations of mankind, people have made sense of the world about them by creating stories and drawings to explain the complex and often frightening occurrences in their lives. Using available knowledge and experience, tales were woven around familiar and the unusual to explain these events in the absence of  understanding the physical world. Astronomy has more than its fair share of myths and legends as early people struggled to understand the movements of … Read More

Autumn changeover

Farewell to summer and welcome to Autumn Like many other holiday accommodation owners, here at Astrofarm we have begun the process of preparing for the colder months of winter. However, unlike may B&B’s and Gites we are gearing UP for our busy season rather than closing down! October is a milestone for us as it is the anniversary of our opening and also the beginning of the winter season. It marks a change in focus for us and a busy … Read More

One year on . . .

Astrofarm reflections – One year on from opening  As we open our last phase of our accommodation this month Andrew and I (Sue) have been reflecting back over the roller coaster year since opening the first four beds in the Dortoir to UK astronomers coming to Astrofarm to enjoy our night skies. Our original design and plan had been to provide 8 cabin beds in a dormitory style room for those astronomers who were up all night photographing and observing … Read More

Christmas at Astrofarm

Christmas at Astrofarm December 2015 sees our second Christmas at Astrofarm albeit our first actually living here. December the 22nd 2014 saw us signing the final papers for the farm and getting the keys to our future. We spent a great Xmas and New Year with 4 friends who came over to share the festivities bringing van loads of food, presents and essentials. We are in a slightly better position this year as we do have kitchen units and a … Read More

The first 6 months

The end of June saw the culmination of 3 years work for The Knowledge Observatory in Cheshire UK and a whole new chapter beginning with The Knowledge Observatory  France. A variety of outside influences – the closure a of the Wigg Island Centre, the difficulties with sustainability with the contract with young people’s project and a truly abysmal year of weather  for astronomy, brought forward plans for us – Andrew and Sue Davies- to open a residential astronomy centre in the … Read More