These pages relate to general travel in France information. Rules for travel, due to Covid and Brexit, are changing daily.  We will provide links to verified and updated sources in the near future and recommend that you check current restrictions and regulations on each side of the channel. 



When booking on a budget airline please be aware that the last minute booking bargains do not seem to be an option. Prices rise steeply toward the day of departure so we recommend that you book as early as possible to get the best deal. IMPORTANT - when you search for flights and prices you must either clear cookies before booking or search and book on different computers. If you don't you will find the price increases each time you look!


If you are flying to Limoges airport please let us know your flight time arrivals and departure as soon as you have booked so that we can be ready for your arrival and departure. We are aiming to provide most things that you need during your stay, to make your travel as easy as possible. The current hand baggage allowance information is being reviewed by all budget airlines – please check current regs for your service when you book. Rules that apply for items you can carry in your hand luggage are strenuously enforced. and are changed and updated.

Please make sure that you pack any liquids (max 100ml per bottle) in a see-through sealable bag and keep it on the top or in a pocket in your hand luggage as you will need to place it in a separate tray when going through security. We will provide all toiletries to make life easier - if you need something particular just let us know.

You will also need to place any electrical devices e.g. laptop, kindle, phone in a tray, so pack on top and we recommend that you avoid wearing a belt or boots when flying as these too have to be removed!

In addition to booking your flight, you will need to ‘check in’ online and print out your boarding card or save to your phone app before travelling. You will be able to print off boarding passes at Astrofarm before your return journey if you are not able to do so before you travel out.

And please – if you have any concerns or queries about your journey, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Driving to Astrofarm

If you are crossing the channel in the tunnel or by ferry and driving down to Astrofarm, there are preparations that you must make before travelling. You must carry in your car, van or camper all of the following:- a reflective vest for driver and every passenger, a first aid kit, warning triangle, spare bulbs, breathalyser kit and your driving licence, insurance and MOT.  Please make sure that all these items are easily accessible and not buried in the boot under your luggage!

You must also make sure that you have the headlamp modification stickers to apply to your car before driving in France and you must only use a mobile enabled with blue tooth while driving, as hands-free kits are now illegal and you will be prosecuted for driving whilst using a phone.

For the most up to date advice please check out for comprehensive and detailed information.

Please contact us if you are driving and are unsure of the best route to take or would like to know good stop-off points, overnight stays, tips and hints etc and we will share our experiences and that of other drivers to help you plan your journey.

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