Astronomy at Astrofarm So much more than a B&B! Book now! Astronomy at Astrofarm So much more than a B&B! Book now!

A dedicated centre for astronomy

We do astronomy at Astrofarm! Perhaps not a surprise with a name like that but do you know just how much astronomy we do?

Our residential centre is designed to meet both the astronomy and accommodation needs of the astronomer for a wonderful astronomy holiday.

Astrofarm has a dedicated South and West viewing area with plenty of electrical outlets to set up your own equipment. The viewing platform enables guests to make use of our equatorial mounts and guide systems for smaller telescopes and cameras. In addition, we have two permanent piers with a range of mounts, telescopes and CCD cameras for you to use.

The Hub is a perfect place to process images in the daytime with wifi and seating area for working on images. You will also find a well-stocked library, games, astro-jigsaws and activities.

We have plenty of tools, batteries, cables and fittings if you need to find just the right item for your set up.

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What we offer

Our purpose-built viewing platforms, wide range of equipment and clear, dark skies provide the perfect location for both observing and astrophotography.

Included in your B&B price you have full access to the Astronomy Centre which includes the use of facilities, Hub with wifi, observing area, tripods, telescopes, piers, equipment and software.

If you have any questions about what you need to bring, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to talk to you.

Astrofarm accommodation offers flexibility for guests who will be up throughout the night enjoying our amazing skies. We provide hot drinks 24/7, breakfast is served until midday and the dormitory is a quiet, dark sleeping room for those heading to bed at daybreak! A minimum guest age of 18 guarantees peace and quiet and the chance to sleep until lunchtime after a full night observing.

Events and Outreach

Throughout the year we will be holding special events at Astrofarm, for example, the Supermoon Specials, our 'Messier Marathon Weekend',  'Les Nuits des Etoiles' and Le Jour de la Nuit which will be open to everyone.  Sign up for the regular newsletter and keep an eye on the social media pages for what is coming up.

Ready to book?

Please email to discuss your plans and I will be very happy to help.

If you would like to talk to us directly, include your phone number in your email and we will call back.

Have a look at the extensive list of links to a wide range of web resources, information and contacts here for extra help and guidance.